venerdì 29 giugno 2007

Nuovo Sfondo

Vi piace il nuovo sfondo? lo ho messo ieri seguendo delle guide su WebMasterPoint. Volevo cambiare il colore della scrollbar ma funziona solo con IE.... ora devo uscire.

domenica 24 giugno 2007

Cheats Two Worlds

per inserire il trucco: \ [a destra dell'1 sopra la Q] scriverlo e premere invio

per sbloccare i trucchi: twoworldscheats 1
per aggiungere oro: addgold ***
per aggiungere punti abilità: addskillpoints ***
per agiungere punti caratteristica: addparampoints ***
per aggiungere punti esperienza: addexperiencepoints ***

dove *** è un numero intero

usateli come volete, ma vi consiglio di non usarli troppo, vi concedo il gold o l'experience ma gli altri vi consiglio di usarli, cazzeggiare e ricaricare.

comunque sia DIVERTITEVI!!! :P

domenica 17 giugno 2007

The Serial Killer Test:il mio risultato

OkCupid! The Serial Killer Test: "Your Score: Ed Gein
Your personality matches Criminal Profile 4081642.

Gein's desolate farmhouse was a study in chaos. Inside, junk and rotting garbage covered the floor and counters. It was almost impossible to walk through the rooms. The smell of filth and decomposition was overwhelming. While the local sheriff, Arthur Schley, inspected the kitchen with his flashlight, he felt something brush against his jacket.

When he looked up to see what it was he ran into, he faced a large, human carcass hanging upside down from the beams.


Your personality type matches the criminal profile of Ed Gein. Bizarre handicraft made Eddie into a celebrity. Author Robert Bloch was inspired to write a story about Norman Bates, a character based on Eddie, which became the central theme of the Alfred Hitchcock's classic thriller Psycho.

In 1974, the classic thriller by Tobe Hooper, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, has many Geinian touches, although there is no character that is an exact Eddie Gein model. This movie helped put 'Ghastly Gein' back in the spotlight in the mid-1970's.

Years later, Eddie provided inspiration for the character of another seri"
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